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    Zeron Scalp Care Shampoo 230ml

    RM 88.00

    (3 customer reviews)

    For Oily Dandruff Prone Hair . Rosemary Oil & Zinc PCA Enriched

    Advanced formula shampoo with Piroctone Oleamine, Zinc PCA and Rosemary Oil for controlling, relieving flaky and itchy scalp. Extra mild surfactant gently cleanse the scalp and controls excessive sebum to prevent itchy scalp.

    Products 100% Free From

    Chemicals that corrodes hair follicles, contribute to dry hair and dry scalp and harmful to health:

    • Synthetic Fragrance
    • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS/SLES)
    • Sodium Chloride (Salt)
    • Paraben

    Suitable for dry and itchy scalp, flaky and dandruff scalp, oily and dandruff prone hair.

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    Key Ingredients

    zinc pca & piroctone oleamine


    Zinc PCA & Piroctone Oleamine

    Combat bacteria on flaky and dandruff scalp as well as controls sebum to prevent itchy scalp



    Rosemary Essential Oil

    Contains active ingredients with antiseptic properties that purifies scalp and improves hair growth


    How To Use

    1. Apply to wet hair, work into lather.

    2. Massage onto scalp.

    3. Rinse and re-apply if necessary.


    Follow through with Scalp Tonic for a healthier scalp.

    3 reviews for Zeron Scalp Care Shampoo 230ml


      Ever since i started using this product, my hair fall problem reduced by 30%. I used to have itchy scalp and i always scratch my scalp. Now i have healthier scalp and i don’t scratch my scalp anymore. 🙂

    2. Sharon

      A calming scents and refreshing hair shampoo. The shampoo not just makes my hair scalp more healthier, it also make my hair more healthier, softer and easier to manage with less hair fall..

    3. JD

      I saw a difference in my scalp on the day that I used this. My scalp is the flaky, dry kind that would just have dandruff no matter what I do. This shampoo + the tonic made my hair felt cleaner and less dry ^-^

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